Our Impact


The impact of Heads Up is far-reaching, and goes beyond the students we serve.

The families who commit to Heads Up see themselves as part of the Head-Royce School community. For many of our faculty, teaching in the program allows them to access new technology and professional development opportunities. An eclectic blend of classroom teachers and youth developers, the Heads Up team brings years of experience working in schools throughout the Bay Area, including Oakland Unified School District (OUSD). If you were to ask, many teachers would describe their time with Heads Up as a "breath of fresh air" from their traditional school year duties.

By the Numbers


of Heads Up students come from low-income households.


of students admitted complete all components of the Heads Up Program. 


of Heads Up OUSD students read at or above grade level. 


of Heads Up 6th graders felt prepared for academic coursework at their OUSD school upon completion of the first year of the Summer Program.


average GPA of OUSD Heads Up students.


of Heads Up alum are first-generation college students.

Head Royce Heads Up hosts a 4-week, all-day intensive summer program that has academic and enrichment courses built into its model. Students are also exposed to field trips and experiences that challenge their worldview. These same students are also challenged to foster new relationships with peers and in many cases, try something for the first time. This is truly a student centered project based approach to learning.


Community Impressions